Keep taking the fucks I give for granted, one day you’ll learn.



Dominique Duncan of Nigeria

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games


Yasss, the finish line must be at Club Onyx. I’m trying to go too.

Nothing feels better when someone makes a stupid post on FB and you make a point so valid they delete that shit.

The most uncomfortable thing is when you’re at a topless bonfire being the biggest girl there and the skinny girl literally start crying about how gross they look.

… and I’m just sitting here with my titties sitting on my stomach like, “It’s okay…”

I just looked at my age on my log and realized I haven’t updated that shit in three years.

That movie where the nerd guy gets the girl. That’s not you, you fucking dweeb.

Downtown with male friend.

Him: Why are you scared to walk to other bar by yourself? I walk down here wall the time.
Me: Because no one sees you as a target.